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Final show of the season

And that’s a wrap 🔥🥊

Wow where do I start, I’m so proud of our team.

The boxers displayed a high level of performance, followed instructions and did their best.

Putting on a show like that is a team effort and I want to thank everyone involved. A special thank you to:

🎤Dan for being our MC , you were fabulous!

🥊Our coaches, Ash, Em, Joe & Aiden for always supporting our boxers

🙌🏻Dylan and Jed for running the doors, well organised lads!

👏🏻Kobi for running the raffle, his persistence resulted in us raising more than £500 for the Overgate Hospice!

🏃🏻‍♂️Ted & Tom for being runners and being on hand if we needed anything

🛠️Paul for organising the barriers

❤️James and Caroline for sponsoring the event, your sponsorship allows us to fund such events

🤝All the away fighters and clubs

🪪 Szymon for organising the security

And finally everyone who came to support the boxers and the club. 🥊🥊🥊

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