Our Classes

  • Junior boxing - Aged 7-10 years

  • Youth boxing - Aged 11-16 years

  • Adults boxing – Aged 17 years +

  • Female only boxing – Aged 14+

  • Sanctus Blast

  • Sanctus Endurance

  • Sanctus Stretch

*Private 1-1's, small groups and sports teams strength and conditioning are also available  by appointment.


Sanctus Blast

Sanctus Blast classes offer a full body approach blend of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and functional strength and conditioning. Sanctus Blast classes are generally split into two parts with technique and strength being one part, followed by the high intensity circuits to finish and set you up for looking and feeling great!

Targeted body areas: Core, Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and calf’s (legs), Core (abs & back). Biceps and Triceps (arms). The aim is to become fitter and stronger whilst losing body fat and gaining muscle definition.


Class duration: 40-45 Minutes

Sanctus Endurance

Sanctus endurance classes are a great way to increase your overall fitness, muscular endurance and reduce your body fat percentages. Focusing on the cardio vascular systems and muscular endurance, Sanctus endurance classes are great to help you increase your ability to perform, whether that is on the sporting stage or in your everyday duties. Sanctus endurance classes are based around the principles of high repetitions over a longer duration of time, you will get in great shape whilst having fun whether that is with the kettlebells, on the rowers, performing air squats or with the boxing gloves on!

Targeted body areas: Cardio vascular systems, Core, Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and calf’s (legs), Core (abs & back). Biceps and Triceps (arms).


Class duration: 40-45 Minutes


Sanctus Stretch

Sanctus Stretch is our full range of movement stretching class. Based on the principles of yoga, with posing hold and continued development to relax not just the body, but de-stress the mind. Sanctus blast set you up to not only feels great but have then ability to increase recover from previous gym sessions, improved posture, as well as maximise the potential strength to allow you the perform at your very best.

Targeted areas: The whole body and mind for recovery and increased performance and flexibility.

Class duration: 20-30 minutes